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I offer one-to-one Body Oriented Therapy sessions in English. My praxis is located in Leipzig, Germany.

The 'inner journey' can be one of life's biggest adventures, getting to know yourself and discovering the strength to overcome obtsacles that are holding you back from living a life of purpose, integrity, and connection. I offer support and guidance to you as you explore your unique inner world.

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Doing this 'inner work' allows us to connect with resources that we didn't know we had, offering us the courage to choose new ways of being in relationship to ourselves,
our loved ones, our work and our lives.

Inner Landscapes, Outer Dialogues

This work is not only inner focused.
As we deepen in our self awareness, we start to see how our inner landscapes change in relation to different people and situations. We begin to see how we 'show up' to our lives, and what the unconscious patterns are that we replay and recreate
again and again.

Therapy offers us a powerful opportunity to see ourselves in relationship to others, and to bring more compassion and awareness to this process - transforming deeply ingrained habits which are often holding us back from our full potential.
This process can be profoundly liberating.


Body Therapy can also be supportive in times of challenge, transition or crisis,

including feelings of:






Relationship Issues

and Loss

Men's Issues