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I'm an English Speaking Therapist and I offer one-to-one Body-Oriented Therapy and Counselling sessions in Leipzig, Germany.

Body-Oriented Therapy includes everything you would normally expect with a traditional talking therapy - the only difference is that we also include what is going on in your body, as well as your mind.

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Modern science continues to confirm just how connected mind and body are - and a problem in one is usually connected to a problem in the other. Issues and problems, whether mental or physical, are understood as communications to you from your inner world - usually along the lines of: "Hey! Something isn't right here, and needs your attention!" As a therapist, I offer support and guidance to you as you explore your unique inner world, and find the source of this inner calling.

This 'inner journey' that therapy offers requires courage, and is not about quick-fixes. Once you commit to go on this journey it can be one of life's biggest adventures, getting to know yourself and discovering your own strength and resources to overcome obtsacles that are holding you back from living a life of connection, passion and purpose.

Doing this 'inner work' allows us to connect with resources that we didn't know we had, offering us the courage to choose new ways of being in relationship to ourselves,

our loved ones, our work and our lives.


Body-Oriented Therapy and Counselling can be supportive in times of challenge, transition or crisis,
including feelings of:






Relationship Issues

and Loss

Men's Issues

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