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Session length

I offer 60 minute sessions. In English only. In person, or where this is not possible I also sometimes offer sessions online.


2023: A 1hr session costs 75€. Fees are paid weekly at the beginning of each session – or monthly in advance at the beginning of each month. My prices are reviewed annually, and plenty of notice will be given for any increases.

Step 1: Initial Consultation

If you're interested in experiencing Body-Oriented Counselling, please get in touch to arrange an initial consultation. This will last 60 minutes, and will involve a conversation about what has brought you to seek counselling. We're likely to talk about your past, and your current problems in the present.

An initial consultation for Biodynamic Massage will last for 75 minutes, and will include a 15 minute consultation, and a 60 minute treatment. The charge for this is 90€.

Step 2: Trial Period

After the initial consultation session, if we both agree that Body-Oriented Counselling is appropriate for you, we will make five further appointments.

There is no obligation to proceed, and you are free to end the process at any time you want.


This initial six sessions gives us the opportunity to get to know one another and see if Body-Oriented Counselling is right for you. On the sixth appointment we will review the sessions to see if you would like to continue.

Step 3: Ongoing Counselling

A typical course of Biodynamic Massage treatment will last between 3 - 6 months.


In-depth Body-Oriented Counselling will typically take anywhere between six months to several years, depending on what issues you are dealing with, and what your aims are.


We will agree to meet weekly, on the same day and at the same time, for a one hour session. Regularity and continuity are important in Body-Oreinted Counselling as we are working with the body’s capacity to self-regulate through establishing rhythms and cycles. Regularity also creates an atmosphere of safety and security, essential to personal exploration.

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