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About Biodynamic Massage


Biodynamic Massage was developed in Norway in the 1950's by Gerda Boyesen, a psychologist and physiotherapist.

Biodynamic Massage is all about mind body connections, and how the two continually influence each other in every moment of our lives.

Illness / Wellness

The journey usually begins with an illness, injury or problem - and our natural wish to make it better. This is only the beginning.


I aim to offer a safe, supportive space for your mind/body system to find its own way towards relaxation and health.

Ultimately the journey takes one beyond illness and into deeper wellbeing, we begin to feel more alive - more connected with ourselves, with other people and with the world around us.

How it works

Through carefully attuned physical touch, I work with the two branches of your

Autonomic Nervous System.


This is the part of you that works automatically to control your breathing, heartbeat, digestion - and most importantly controls the amount of tension or relaxation you feel at any moment.

Action and relaxation are both important, natural states - and both have their appropriate moments. Ideally, we flow between these states effortlessly. Unfortunately many of us develop habits or experience problems that lead to us getting stuck somewhere in this cycle of Action and Rest.


When our system gets stuck, we often need the support of another person to help bring us back to our proper balance. Over time and repetition, Biodynamic massage enables your nervous system to begin to learn how to recognise and regulate your own inner cycle of Action and Rest - empowering you in your journey towards greater wellbeing.


During a Biodynamic Massage session, I will place a small stethoscope on your abdomen in order to monitor the sounds coming from you gut (stomach rumblings).


These give a real time indicator of your level of relaxation, and this feedback from your body is used to guide how your massage session unfolds, putting your body's needs and responses central to the process.

The human digestive system contains approximately 500 million neurons, and has been dubbed the 'second brain' by scientists. This is an important part of our emotional lives, and the source of our intuition - our 'gut feelings'. People are often fascinated by getting to know a new a part of themselves, and even more so as they hear how their system is responding to their Biodynamic Massage.

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