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What Past Clients Are Saying

"Robert is a patient and sensitive listener. This naturally makes for an atmosphere of trust - trusting yourself and trusting him. I went to see him initially because of a repetitive pain in my shoulder and arm that I associated with my desk based job.


During my sessions I had a gradual realisation that my pain is something natural that ordinarily should just pass through, but was becoming trapped in my body because of tension in my muscles and negative, controlling feelings. Robert helped me to see how my patterns of breathing were also connected to this sense of holding.

On a deeper level, my sessions helped me to find the courage to ask for a pay rise at work! This positive step was accompanied by another - I approached a publisher. Obviously I had begun to value myself… Robert worked a quiet magic."


Janet, 59 - administrator / poet

“After starting a new job which involved using computer far more than usual, I started to experience pain in my 'mouse' arm and shoulder. Two months of pain and discomfort convinced me that I needed to seek help. I had been put off more common massage technique due to their short term benefits.


Robert suggested looking at the ‘bigger' picture, rather than one aspect of my body, and he clearly explained the link between my senses, muscles, and pretty much every other part of my body, how they interact, and how an effect on one part will have an effect on another.


The benefits were astounding, incredibly fast, and definitely convinced me of the capabilities of biodynamic massage.”


Ross, 29 - marketing manager

“Robert has been treating both myself and my partner. We have both benefited in so many ways and on so many different levels from the treatments. My partner, who was terminally ill at the time, found relief from his suffering and a new perspective on it which was enormously valuable to us both. It gave him courage to go forward and experience a deep spiritual healing before he passed on.


The treatments I have had have been wonderful and helped me find my own core strengths and stay grounded and feel energised in dealing with the demands of caring for my partner and other family members whilst continuing my creative life as an artist. Robert has a very sensitive and intuitive approach and the biodynamic massage, though subtle, is very powerful. I couldn't recommend him more highly.”


Gail, 59 - artist

“Robert, is kind, real, compassionate, confident, knowledgeable and exudes trust. I believe in what he does.”

Helena, 62 - photographer

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